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A lower GI and more nutritious alternative to mashed potato. Enjoy this recipe as a side dish or just on it's own. ... continue reading
Blood sugar imbalances are associated with a host of symptoms and health problems, including type II diabetes, unexplained fatigue, extra weight around the middle and mood disturbances. Discover 8 easy tips for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and alleviate some of these conditions. ... continue reading
What many people don’t realise is that so many of the foods they consume negatively affect their body's naturally balanced environment. When our body's pH becomes too acidic, it makes us more susceptible to illness and disease. So having an understanding of how to keep our blood in an alkaline range is essential for great health. ... continue reading

The Power of Love

One of the biggest challenges most people face is learning how to care for themself. It requires a delicate balance between what often feels like polar opposites. Good self-care is the single most important aspect of our health, period. Self-sacrifice feels wrong to us on a soul level - our spirit gravitates naturally to joy and happiness. That's why self-sacrifice ultimately makes us sick and keeps us stuck in dead-end situations. ... continue reading
Diet soda is easily one of the biggest health scams preying on well-meaning dieters looking for a sweet calorie-free beverage. Nearly 927 million cases of Diet Cola, and another 892 million cases of other diet beverages were sold in 2010. If you bought one or more of those millions, please realize you could seriously be harming your health. ... continue reading
One of the easiest ways to get a blast of nutrition (much needed vitamins,
minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals) is to add veggie juices and
smoothies to your daily routine. Have one for breakfast or a snack a few
times a week, and you’ll begin to notice the difference right away. Excess
pounds will drop away, you’ll have more energy and even your mood
will improve! ... continue reading

Eating For Beauty

There are a few key concepts from ‘Eating For Beauty’ that David considers to be the most important to getting that beautiful glowing skin from the inside out. ... continue reading


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