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Life is hectic. You might find in your busy and often, more stressful, weeks that you start skipping meals or grabbing snacks that are less than ideal for your health. These super snacks will nourish your body and save you some time! ... continue reading
Why does junk food remain so popular? What makes people consume it daily, even if they are well aware of its health and dietary pitfalls? You might be surprised by how and why these foods are ‘designed’!
... continue reading
The perfect recipe to break your fast and fuel up your body for the day! Full of amazing wonder foods to slowly release your energy, keep you fuller for longer and give your brain a big boost of power! ... continue reading
Until July 14th you can grab a copy of Hungry For Change (eBook) for $2.99! If you've seen the film, this is the perfect how-to companion to help you break free from the diet trap (US Only). ... continue reading
You've heard us say 'eat a rainbow everyday' to give your body a big boost of nutrients. So here is one colorful dish to give you the perfect synergy of salty, sweet, creamy and ever-so nutritious! It’s completely irresistible and super simple! ... continue reading
We know cucumbers are uber-hydrating. But did you know the cool cucumber can relieve bad breath and cure a hangover? Discover the other fascinating facts about this super cool food... ... continue reading
A self-confessed dessert lover but also a lover of all things health? Dessert lover with an intolerance to lactose? Or maybe you’re after a healthy treat for your children? Stress no more with this super easy & guilt free recipe! ... continue reading


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