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Most of us can agree that there are times where insomnia becomes yet another added stress to your life! Stress continues to be the number one cause for insomnia but eating the wrong foods can contribute just as much. Ditch those insomnia causing triggers and add these 5 foods in to get some much needed rest! ... continue reading
Most over-the-counter acne treatments, skin cleansers and toners can cause more harm than good to your skin. This age-old remedy actually works better and will feed your body the nutrients it needs to heal! Discover what common pantry staple we're talking about... ... continue reading
Is being health-conscious a way of life for you but you find yourself a little nervous when it comes to eating out? You no longer have to be nervous, or hide at home just because you lead a healthy life! We are empowering you with these healthy tips and tools to dine out and stay healthy! ... continue reading
Kids love fruit leather, but a lot of the varieties you can buy in the supermarket are full of added sugar and preservatives. This super simple recipe will show you how you can make this delicious and healthy kid-friendly treat at home today. You can even mix up the fruit and try some other flavors if you're feeling adventurous!
... continue reading
We all have the natural desire for beauty, it is a sign of health, however often beauty is sourced through artificial products which are harmful to our health. How many teeth whitening products have you seen on the supermarket shelf? Save your health and money and discover 6 foods that will naturally whiten your teeth! ... continue reading
A tasty super green salad with aromatic properties to wake up your taste buds! These super greens are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, and taste amazing in this combination! ... continue reading
Most men wouldn’t think health problems such as sleep apnea, depression and heart disease can be linked back to their diet? New research has discovered the strong link between a man’s diet and testosterone levels, which play an important role is his health! ... continue reading


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