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We know that sugar causes more than just cavities; it's one of the leading causes of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. So why is it so darn hard to resist your sweet tooth? Discover why sugar is addictive and 5 simple ways you can keep your sweet tooth under control. ... continue reading
Recent research by a university in Australia shows that in just one week of eating mostly organic food can reduce adults' exposure to pesticides by an incredible 90 percent. Discover what else the study showed and other ways you can significantly reduce your exposure to pesticides. ... continue reading
Anxiety is a crippling state of the body that can be caused by unhealthy thoughts, worries and stress. However, sometimes that panic-induced experience is caused by other factors such as your hormones and the food you just ate. Discover 7 key questions you need to ask yourself next time you start feeling anxious to help ease your mind. ... continue reading
Menopause. Weight gain. Sagging skin. Wrinkles. Aching muscles and joints. Sound like things that you want to deal with when you're middle-aged? Well, it doesn't have to be! Discover 7 superfoods that can help slow down aging and make you believe that 40 really is the new 20! ... continue reading
Garlic. The first thing that might come to mind is fending off vampires and bad breath. But did you know that garlic actually has its pungent odour characteristic because of potent sulphur-containing compounds that are anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant? Discover 15 reasons why you should be adding some garlic to your meals.
... continue reading
Whether it's the next celebrity diet or the newest processed food that promises to reduce heart disease, there have been a lot of ridiculous pieces of advice shared in the world of nutrition. Discover what the worst 5 pieces of nutrition advice are and why they could damage your health. ... continue reading
Skip the easter eggs this year and make this super simple and decadent chocolate fudge at home! It not only is tenfold better for your health, but there's also no excuse, as it's so easy to make! ... continue reading


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