10 Signs You're A (Super) Foodie!

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10 Signs You're A (Super) Foodie!

By Colleen Wachob (Mind Body Green)

How do you know if you’ve crossed the line from "foodie" to "superfoodie"? Have you earned the title of Foursquare Mayor at Café Gratitude or Pure Food & Wine? Are you blowing through homemade sauerkraut or kimchi? Are you making your own nut milk(s)? Do you wear your "Hail to Kale" organic t-shirt to the farmer's market? If so, then hats off to you, because you know that a handful of micronutrients make any meal—and your life—better.

Here are 10 signs you're serious about superfoods:

1. When a smoothie recipe calls for berries, you need more details.

Acai? Camu camu? Goldenberry? Goji? Maqui? Mulberry? It couldn’t be just blueberries or raspberries, right?

2. You regularly Instagram photos of your morning green juice.

In fact, you post more pics of juice than people. Juice pics are the new selfies! And greens look great early in the morning.

3. You know that algae isn’t just something in a fish tank.

You’ve started to like the strong, oceanic algae flavor of spirulina and chlorella ... Yum! But your countertops are permanently stained dark green ... Bummer!

4. You're sad to say it, but turmeric is so three years ago.

It’s like Himalayan pink salt—you put in on just about everything. Even if it's not in the recipe. And you love telling people why they should do the same. (It just makes everything better!)

5. You juice your grass.

It’s a bonus that your wheatgrass and barley grass are minimalist chic and look great on your countertop. Too bad they'll soon be crushed in the Breville.

6. Your cupboards are overflowing with mason jars.

You have a whole cupboard dedicated to all different shapes and sizes of mason jars and get excited when a new range of mason jars come out. OMG they make jars with straws now!

7. You stockpile raw almond butter and almond milk without carrageenan.

You're closely monitoring the bee crisis in California and tweeting at Whole Foods to stay abreast of any disruption in the almond supply chain.

8. You think it's totally normal to spend $8 on a candy chocolate bar.

Because yours are low-glycemic, raw cacao, superfood-infused bars, of course! Which is why you have at least one a day.

9. You're happy to explain why lucuma is your favorite sweetener, not coconut palm sugar.

The real question is: will you be moving on to yacon?

10. You've brewed your own kombucha.

Of course you posted pics on Instagram of the SCOBY mother mushroom. If there’s another GT Synergy Shortage, we know who to call!

Are you a superfoodie?? What's your favorite superfood?

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