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Top 10 Fat Triggers Revealed

By Jon Gabriel (The Gabriel Method and featured in Hungry For Change)

Hungry For Change

We all have fat triggers and when we know what they are, we are able to identify and understand why our body is holding onto extra weight.

Below are the 10 fat triggers. You may identify strongly with one or you may identify with a few of them, and once you realise the trigger that is activating your fat programs, only then will you be able to effectively manage your weight.

1. Chronic Dieting

As one of the most prescribed ways to lose weight, many people don’t realize that restrictive dieting could actually be perpetuating their weight problem.

Here are My Top 3 Discoveries When It Comes To Chronic Dieting:
  • Dieting puts your body in a state of famine and ensures that you’ll gain back the lost weight.
  • Exercising to battle overeating is like running away from a burning fire... the moment you stop, you get burned.
  • Real, sustainable results are archived holistically, by balancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies

2. Emotions

Emotional turmoil and stress caused from not being fulfilled emotionally can activate a chemistry in the body that causes weight gain.

Emotional insecurity is a huge fat trigger. Insecurities are essentially fears; it could be fear of losing love, losing your jobs, your home, or anything else you deem an integral part of your life.
In this way, insecurities act like a chronic stress that spikes your cortisol levels and tells your body to store fat.

To combat emotional weight problems, here’s what I suggest:
  • DAILY VISUALIZATION: tap into your feminine or masculine energies by using The Living Goddess or Living Warrior visualizations every day
  • MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: even if all you can find is 5 minutes alone locked in the bathroom, you must find time each day to take time out just for you
  • CONSIDER HEALING THERAPIES: if your emotional challenges are long- standing, stemming from past experiences, you might consider seeing a therapists or healer to help you address those traumas specifically

3. False Beliefs

“You are what you think.” If you think you’re unable to lose weight, your thoughts could be holding you back.

Your logical mind takes the sum of all your experiences with diets and exercises and forms a very strong belief that there is no hope, that you’re lost, and that you’re destined to struggle forever.

This is absolutely NOT true, and thousands of my students and I are living, breathing proof that you can totally transform your body no matter what.

But here’s what happens...

For many of us, these false beliefs started from a very young age, growing up in households where someone (or everyone) struggled with over eating.
For other people, these false beliefs take hold with age, from negative experiences (endless yo-yo dieting) or from a social group that discourages rather than encourages health and wellness.

Whatever your beliefs are, they are shaping your reality, and if you don’t believe that you can lose weight, you won’t.

Not now, not ever.

So how do you change those beliefs? How do you undo years or decades of mental conditioning?

Here are my top 3 recommendations for you:
  • DAILY VISUALIZATION: you can do this on your own, or most people like to listen to my evening visualization program.
  • CELLULAR RELEASE THERAPY: you can find a local therapist and if you need a referral, we have a great network available.
  • MAKE GREAT FRIENDS: if your social circle is negative and discouraging, you’ve got to find people who support you and who will continue to support you during your transformation.
I know in my own transformation, when I was able to move past my family history, my personal struggles, and my self-defeating beliefs, that’s when everything changed.

4. Lifestyle Stress

Many people in the modern world experience stress regularly in their professional and personal lives. Chronic stress can have many negative effects on your health, including weight gain.

Whether your stress is emotional, physical, or buried in your unconscious mind... your body reacts the exact same way. It releases cortisol into your body. Elevated cortisol levels turn your FAT Programs on and not only cause you to gain weight, but simultaneously make it impossible for you to lose weight. This is part of your genetic heritage.

When food was scarce and temperatures were cold, your body would activate your FAT Programs to help keep you safe and protected. In today’s world, our stresses do not come from life threatening circumstances. Instead, we’re dealing with emotional trauma, bad relationships, and being over-tired, overworked, and anxious.

For you, to be successful with weight loss, you must identify the root causes of your problem, and then use treatments such as visualizations, meditation, or healing therapies to tell your body that you’re now safe, strong and protected. It’s okay to lose the weight.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for you:
  • Daily Visualization
  • Find a support group
  • Take time for yourself each day

5. Medication

Side effects of certain medications include weight gain, especially those with cortisol. Your weight gain most likely began or accelerated when you were put on regular medication.

Medications most commonly associated with weight gain are: anti-depressants, insulin, cortisol, steroids, hormone replacement and birth control.

Many people who make a positive change in their diet and life find that after a while, they no longer need the medication that’s been making them put on excess weight.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for you:
  • Check to see if you still require the medication – your condition may have healed without your knowledge
  • Seek alternative medication or natural therapies to treat chronic conditions
  • Add “big 3” foods to your diet (protein, omega 3 fatty acids, live food)
IMPORTANT: Never stop taking your medication without your doctor’s approval. A good doctor will be happy to help you reduce or eliminate medications if that’s a safe option for you.

6. Nutrition

If you’re body isn’t receiving proper nutrients, it can go into starvation mode, which can result in weight gain, inflammation and other health complications.

When you don’t get enough nutrients from the food you eat, here’s what happens:
1. Your digestion gets impaired.
2. Your body experiences a “nutritional famine” which causes you to keep eating until that nutrient need is satisfied.
3. In an attempt to beat the “nutritional famine,” you might experience non-stop food cravings that turn many people on to sugary sweets and processed carbohydrates in an attempt to satiate their hunger.

And the result? Over time, a high-sugar diet takes its toll on the body and leads to insulin resistance (or worse, type II diabetes).

When your body is “insulin resistant,” it means that you need more and more insulin for the same effect(insulin balances your blood sugar). And since insulin is the fat-storing hormone, more insulin means more fat.

7. Past Trauma

If you haven’t resolved trauma experienced in the past, your body could be using weight as a coping mechanism.

If past trauma is activating your FAT Programs and keeping you from achieving your ideal weight, here’s what’s going on...

Most likely, your body is trying to protect you from emotional pain (which it is unable to differentiate from physical pain) by gaining weight.

When you lose someone you love, are abused, hurt or experience unthinkable loss, your body can react by shielding you from the world with fat.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for you:
  • Begin Healing Therapies
  • Find a Support Network
  • Practice Daily Visualization

8. Poor Digestion

When your digestion system isn’t functioning properly, your body can’t absorb essential nutrients and can go into starvation mode – causing weight gain, inflammation and other health complications.

Poor digestion affects millions of people all over the world and the problem is made more complex because we’ve added so many manmade foods into our diets just in the last 50 years.

The three big “bad guys” that are probably causing digestive problems for you right now are:

Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria inside your body leading to overgrowth of harmful yeasts and funguses.

Digestive enzymes are found naturally in all uncooked and unprocessed whole foods, but they are completely destroyed by heat and commercial processing. Your body can produce its own enzymes too, of course, but when it has to produce all the required enzymes (because you’re not getting them from food), it puts undo strain on your digestive system.

At least once, I’m sure antibiotics have literally saved your life, but unfortunately, doctors tend to over-prescribe these bacteria killing medicines leading again to an imbalance of gut bacteria.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for you:
  • Start taking probiotic supplement daily
  • Add live foods to your diet
  • Consider taking plant enzymes as you heal your digestion.

9. Sleep Apnea

Insufficient sleep can have a negative effect on your overall health, especially when it comes to weight. The problem is even worse for people who suffer from sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea reduces blood oxygen to dangerously low levels, so your body is starving for oxygen. So how does this make you fat?

You become chronically exhausted, which increases your cortisol levels, causes junk food cravings, and almost guarantees weight gain.

It’s a vicious cycle; sleep apnea makes you fatter, and the fatter you get, the worse your sleep apnea becomes. This is why it’s absolutely essential to get tested and treated for it in order to lose weight.

Here are my recommendations for you:
  • Get tested for sleep apnea ASAP
  • Take afternoon naps
  • Take your treatment seriously

10. Toxicity

Toxins from your environment and diet are stored in your fat cells. The more toxins you have, the more fat your body creates in order to keep them from being released in your body.

Cleansing your body will make weight loss much easier because your body will no longer feel the “need” for so much fat.

Start now with these 3 quick start tips:

  • DRINK MORE WATER– increase your intake to 2-3 liters/day
  • DRINK GREEN JUICE - try to drink green juices daily
  • BUY ORGANIC FOODS - for both your animal and plant-based foods

Multiple Triggers

Many people are affected by multiple fat triggers, which is why a holistic approach to weight loss is the most effective solution to long-term weight management.

You need to address your weight problem holistically by identifying and reversing the root causes that are activating your FAT Programs.

You’ll take it step-by-step, and together, we’ll build healthy habits for life that will grow and compound onto one another, changing your body and mind forever.

Click here to access the free downloadable reports for each of the 10 primary fat triggers so you can gain a deeper understanding of the different reasons your body could be holding onto extra weight.

We'd love to hear from you! Does one particular fat trigger resonate with you? Or do you have multiple triggers? How have you been able to apply Jon's recommendations to your own situation?

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